Saturday, June 18, 2016

Original Terminator "Behind the scenes" & "making of" material.

In the wake of the New, a look back..........

No, I am Not going to review the film. Neither of them. No - The original Terminator film has been re-released so many times on Blu-Ray it borders on being absurd. However, there was  a time before the DVD , when it was only released on VHS and Laserdisc.

One of the finer things to come from this era,
was all the extra's that once upon a time use to come packaged with your disc or tape.

These so called "Extras" now are delivered these days as part of the "BD Live" content.  Receiving a printed book is largely becoming a thing of the past.

However - Once upon a time - just a few short 20 years ago - there were these special VHS Box Set releases of your favorite movies. ( Man - did Disney ever making a killing on them! These Box Sets included the VHS Movie along with a whole bunch of printed material and would sell for a much as $100 bucks !) Those of you who were there and remember this can testify as to the fact that I'm not making any of this stuff up. But alas - today this extra stuff is just about gone. Today it's all about how cheap and portable they can make it. No one cares about "collecting" the hard copy any more.

So here, now, I give you some of those "extra's" 
from one of those VHS box sets -
     This is from The Terminator Collection -
       which boxed T1 & T2 together. Enjoy.