Saturday, November 13, 2010

Advocacy Assignment - 1st Blog entry. Hello !

It concerns me how society as a whole today seems be content with the idea that degrading the recording quality of music on purpose is perfectly acceptable and forgivable.  By allowing the destruction of fidelity, one can store 3000 songs onto their MP3 player.  The lower resolution bit rate of mp3 not only diminishes the integrity of the sound quality, also deletes the small nuances of well recorded art.  The reduced shell of an MP3 recording is not true to what either the creative artist and/or the producers’ intended for the listener to experience.  I honestly consider this the willful destruction of the musician’s art.

In the early days of digital files, memory was expensive and very limited in availability.  Some resourceful geeks decided to adapt the MP3 compression format due to its flexibility and economic realities.  But times have changed, expanding technology and reducing costs.  Technology allows for the return of full fidelity recordings.  The injustice done to sound recordings should no longer be tolerated.  So when transferring music to a “digital master” from an old analog source such as a record, I first use high quality playback gear.  I am committed and determined to consistently record in the full uncompressed formats, like LPCM, instead of compressed MP3 style formats, in order to remain loyal and faithful to the original sound recording quality that I so enjoy and appreciate.  I’m optimistic that you will do the same as well.