Thursday, June 14, 2012

My responce to IL Magazine's feature story by Simon O'Hagan

Spotify is Fly, but not HIFI

Let me 1st say, that even though I'm an American, one of my favorite publications is Britain's own  "WHAT-HIFI? Sound & Vision Magazine", because I'm so into this A/V "hobby". I have over ten years of experience selling A/V gear, and I really enjoyed this article, and just wanted to chime in here.  During the 1980's & 90's, no Stereo Rack System would ever be considered complete if it didn't have a Turntable, double cassette deck and a CD (or later, a 5,6,25, or 100 disc) player, so I'm a fan of each format, with all their pro's and con's. As far as cassette playing "second fiddle", while I'll agree that the prerecorded material certainly was, for sure, and therefore took a back seat to the LP and CD, for those of us who had higher end tape decks, however, and bought the right blank cassettes (like the Maxell XLII-S, or Sony HX-Pro, or Metal SR) the recordings we could make from those sources still sounded

better than the vast majority of today's MP3 downloads and streaming services.  I, of course, grew up "on" and with records, and always enjoyed listening to my parents collection of older 60's and 70's albums, ( still have an Technics SL-7 turntable) as well as the thrill of going to the record store ( something my children, ages 12 and 16, will never know or experience, even though they will more than likely look back on GameStop with the same fondness)  to buy that new album and get home after working at the local drive-in movie theatre and taking that LP for a spin, and listening to those big tower speakers sing away through out the night. (Both my Father's 1980 MCS Series (Technics) speakers and Scott’s vintage  Radio Shack Realistic Optimus T-120's come to mind.)  As far as The Brennan is concerned, Microsoft developed this thing over 10 years ago that had most of those features, and you could just plug it in with an Optical cable to the back of your surround receiver. It was called an XBOX. "Party on Wayne." "Party on Garth."