Friday, March 1, 2013

My thought's and responses to Roddenberry's Mission Log Podcast:

So, I have a question. IN the Original Trek series episode "Amok Time"-  Why don't "we" meet Spock's parent's in this episode ( as opposed to later, in "Journey to Babel"), where he goes "home" for his ""wedding", where he is not only well-known but he states that his family has "owned the land here for over 2000 "Earth-years" right, and the high priest shows up, and yet, no parents @ the prearranged wedding?

If Vulcan weddings are prearranged from when a Vulcan male is 7 years old, how is it then that Spock's Dad skipped this and ended up with Amanda? Did he get rejected in the past by another Vulcan women as well?

Maybe? JUst maybe this was one of Trek's way of saying something about how truly stupid our TV censorship rules were @ that time,, where in @ this time Trek Actress Mariette Hartley, and Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island," Jeannie from "I Dream of Jeannie," and "Gidget" are all barred from baring their navels on the TV screen, however it was perfectly "ok" to show two men using hand held weapons in a battle to the death. Today it's even worse because it's perfectly ok to show realistic gun violence,( hell how many people can been seen getting shot in the head in and on primetime today?) but Lord forbid if a female performer has a Epic wardrobe failure and they show some cleavage!!! Please. Just Imagine if Mr. "Spock" had been Mrs. "Spockette", and it was the female Vulcan's who went "into heat" and had 2 have "it" every 7 years? They would have never gotten any talk of "sex" past the censors in those days. Ironically enough, Trek was produced by Desilu, and back when Lucy Ball was pregnancy for and during an entire season of the "I Love Lucy," show, the actual word "pregnant" was not allowed because it could not be used on air. Instead, the show uses phrases that seem equally informative but (somehow) less fraught with sin, such as "with child," "having a baby," and "expecting." I don't know, maybe I'm wrong here, but it was just a thought I wanted to share, and isn't that what Mission Log is all about?