Monday, January 16, 2012

STAR TREK On-line Launches free play !

The Modified EXCELSIOR class 

  I find it amusing that,  in the Star Trek Universe, having “fun” often leads to pain or death. 
 In the Episode “Flashback”, of “Voyager”, (in which a mind meld allows the audience to  
re-witness events from the film “Star Trek VI”, and in which Dr. McCoy himself actually
 says, “this is fun”) when  Lt. Tuvok’s bunkmate ask the logical Vulcan if defying orders
 and running off to rescue old friends was more “fun” than charting gaseous anomalies, 
Tuvok responses with, “Human Fascination with fun has lead to many tragedies in your
 short but violent history. One wonders how the human race has survived having fun".                                                                                                                                                                              And indeed, for in the very NEXT scene their ship comes under attack, and his bunkmate,
 stationed at one of the computer consoles on the bridge, DIES when console overloads 
and explodes. The very next thing the ships Doctor does is kill a parasite with radiation.
 During the events that followed in the film, “Star Trek VII: Generations,” when 
Beverly Crusher, while standing on the holodeck version of the sailing ship “Enterprise”,
 tells Data,  “You have to get into the spirit of things, and learn to be spontaneous.
 Live in the moment. Do something unexpected. Get it. It’s all in good fun Data,” 
 he then shoves her overboard into freezing cold water. Besides the fact that our
 Engineer tells Data that wasn’t funny, it was.
At the end of the same movie, after 1st being “saved” from the being frozen in time in 
“The Nexus”, Captain Kirk falls off a cliff on a bridge that is dropped on him, and then
 proceeds to  tells Captain Picard, “It was fun.”  He then dies. ARE YOU SERIOUS? 
This is the second Captain from a previous Enterprise that is killed after meeting Picard!
 Which is Ironic, because over half of the movies in the Star Trek series
 (indeed, even in the very next movie) contained many underwriting themes about 
cheating death, living longer, or finding a “fountain of youth.” .
By the way, Deforest Kelly was 1st of the Original series cast member to pass away
 in real life.